Photography is a fantastic tool; it’s so much more than simply recreating a still image to remember, it’s trying to capture an essence that we can revisit even if only for a moment. The hope is to tell a story with one frame accurately, and if done correctly, it should be able to transcend any “niche demographic” and reach out to wider audiences to get that story out to as many people wanting to hear it.


Portrait Photography


Concert & Event

Wedding & Engagement

Portrait Photography

Portraits are more than just headshots. It’s the act of painting a narrative of a particular person in that specific moment, trying to capture more than an expression but whatever message and desires they are wishing to convey.


Capturing live events has been one of my favorite things to do since getting involved with photography. I have been recording live concerts and festivals for over ten years, and it has taken me to some incredible places. I have been able to learn a lot about how to anticipate the best shot, how to plan for changing lights, and how to use the difficulty of chaos to capture entertaining and striking imagery.

Landscape Photography

Traveling as much as I had as a child, taking snapshots out of a moving window became a preferred past time. I was able to see America through the lenses of many disposable cameras. This is practice I carry with me to this day. The sun never seems to rise and set the same way in any two places, there is beauty be captured around every bend.