Building Brands. Building Brighter Tomorrow's.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with numerous companies both Domestically and Internationally.


Tell me... What do you do?

Strategic, bottom-line focused, business and campaign developer. Experienced in driving revenue, profitability, and operational efficiencies in intensely competitive markets, from domestic to international markets. Excel at strategizing and developing brands & programs, as well as developing & creating engaging content targeted at any range of demographics.


And you do this how?

Proactively and methodically track consumer trends and adjust to market shifts; helping clients understand the importance of market trends to continue development. Focused at delivering an experience that is tailored to the clients unique goals and parameters while maximizing budgets and timelines.


What are you specialties?

*Advertising * Brand Development * Brand/Program Building * Creative Design * Community Outreach and Organization * Graphic Art * Graphic Design * Logistics and Project Coordination * Logo Development * Market Analysis * Marketing * Marketing Strategy & Execution * Multimedia Painter * New Media Marketing * Non-Profit Development * Non-Profit Management * Problem Solving * Project and Critical Path Management * Social Media Marketing * Team Leadership

Years of Experience

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05-04-19 We Are Your Friends

05-04-19 Lyrics: Because we are your friends You'll never be alone again Well come on Well come on Well come on Well come on Because we are your friends You'll never be alone again Well come on Well come on Well come on Well come on Because we are your friends You'll...

02-07-19 We Used to Vacation by Cold War Kids

02-07-19 From their seminal album, Robbers and Cowards, released in 2007, Cold War Kids made a bold choice in beginning their recording careers with We Used to Vacation. Literally from the first second, I heard Cold War Kids via this song I was captivated. As time...

02-06-19 Regret by St. Vincent

02-06-19 Sometimes it’s easiest to shut ourselves off from everyone and everything. Isolating ourselves from the outside world allows us some modicum of control—when we’re feeling dejected and distraught, control of anything is a huge win. It’s necessary to take time...

02-04-19 The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

02-04-19 When I met my wife, she introduced me to a concept that I had never really explored, and yet in the moment that she explained it to me so many things in my life began to make sense. She expounded that in life we have “soul agreements” with others—sometimes we...

12-7-18 I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders

12-7-18 Being present is one the most important things we can do. This isn’t precluded to moments of intense focus, or only in serious moments, but in every moment that we can be. When we can do this for another person, we can offer them something that we all require,...

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