Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a vital aspect of all communication efforts. Connecting an audience to a new thought or action is rarely an easy task, but it’s one that can be made easier with effective graphic design.Graphic Design is interesting in that it rests in so many fields, it is not bound just within marketing, or advertising, but rather it has found its way in every element of modern human interaction, to the extent that it informs effective web design methods. Profeciency in Graphic Design requires a careful pursuit in understanding human interaction, and how they are going to be evaluating the presented information, while weighing that against, time, budgets, and other varying real-world conundrums.

Print & Traditional

Digital Design

Illustrative Design

Traditional Graphic Design a.k.a Print

Graphic Design and print are nearly synonymous. Since the dawn of the printing press the approach at visually laying out information efficiently, effectively, and in a way that will engage audiences has always been an imperative task. Graphic Design is one of those things that when done well there’s no questioning of anything ever being done at all.

Over time there’s cues and cultural nuances we can rely on in order to produce engaging design, and yet there is always need to push beyond to establish unique look and voices for audiences to discover. Graphic design needn’t be a trivial element of an organizations communication approach, for many it acts as the face of brands establishing the aesthetic of what is trying to be conveyed well before any other message.

Graphic Design for New Media (Online, Social Media, E-Mail, and Web)

Design collateral for online distribution requires an extra understanding of how graphics display across different platforms, different screen resolutions, and different devices. Even the most experienced designers can get lost in all the small details required to perfect an online design, but with experience comes the ability to creatively solve what otherwise may seem like complex problems.

Online design requires the principles of Graphic Design, and then a dedicated approach to learning how your audience is going to be ingesting your content the most, and tailoring it to those channels.

Integrating illustrative art-forms is where I find some of my best work. I have always been fascinated with turning communicative pieces into works of art on their own. Having some one stop and take even a moment out of their life to see something and possibly discover something new for themselves makes every second of practice, training and work leading up to moment worth it. It’s not always easy to connect with others when we’re using our words, trying to do it purely in visual form creates new and interesting challenges, and at the same time creates opportunity to create even stronger impressions than merely words ever could.