After illustration, video production is the second earliest form of visual communication I delved in to. I began playing with the family camera when I was about six years old, eventually learning how to connect multiple VCR’s to make my first editing deck and start splicing film together.

Like all my other creative endeavors I strive to not only present a visually pleasing product, I aim to capture as much of the essence that is possible and bottle it in such a way that can be appreciated by as many people as possible. I get lost in the process of video production in a way unlike most other visual forms. The pieces begin to reveal themselves more like a puzzle waiting to be solved, and there is an addictive response in addressing every one of them.


Professional Videos

Live Event Productions

Creative Productions

Professional & Commercial Video Presentations

Translating an organization or businesses’ message through video is one of my favorite things to do. Ensuring that their brand and voice are represented accurately .

Live/Event Video Productions

Beginning in 2010 I was able to photograph and record and a multitude of shows and festivals around the world. This sparked me love for musical performances and event project, which has only made my skills as a videographer improve exponentially.

Not knowing the exact conditions for each performance, there’s always a balance of finding the right angles and the right timing in order to get the best representation of all the action. Most every production I have helped developed have been multi-camera, produced and edited by myself.

Creative Productions

These would be a better collection of personal style and development. These were projects which I was able to conceive and execute a vision closest to what I could imagine given the parameters each project brought. From the newest form of home movies to a performance of some of Phoenix’s best Flamenco troupe.