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Brand Development

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, keeping your brand strategy on par with its evolution can be difficult, and staying ahead is almost impossible. Having so many options in front of you can be daunting, and that’s why you need someone like myself. Using progressive and creative solutions and proven internet marketing methods, you’ll see increased leads, drive more traffic to your sites and channels, and continue developing long lasting relationships with your customer base. From there I’ll help create your unique converged strategies to effectively maximize your marketing results.

Ensuring that your brand is consistent, strong, reputable, and an authority in your field is no easy thing, nor is it something that can be done overnight. Be wary of marketers that can claim hundreds or thousands of followers with click of a button. I work in the most ethically founded ways to ensure that the work accomplished on your brand is long lasting and built on a solid foundation.

Developing an effective brand strategy is one of the hardest things a business or organization can accomplish, however it’s also one of the most vital. It will help shape the direction you decide to continue pursuing, and as such once its establish it can easily act as the compass that will guide you to continued success.

Brand Development Solutions

Content Development

Creative development is integral to the growth of your brand’s image as well as the content your audience is likely to consume. Numerous aspects need to be taken into consideration when planning out your creative development, and all work cohesively to help shape the identity and tone of your brand.

Discovering your brand’s personality is helpful in designing it’s creative execution. I aim to help you distinguish between your brand’s personality, identity, voice and tone, because all are imperative in your brand’s success.

Consistency is the next biggest thing to understand. Posting content weekly is imperative, posting content daily is great, posting content every hour… that’s likely a bit of overkill. There’s a goldilocks zone for every organization you may be able to continue your online growth with 4 or 5 posts a week, especially if they’re quality and giving something intrinsically valuable back to your audience. On the other hand your audience may very well need multiple daily posts especially if your organization is all about passing along information.

Content Development Solutions

Graphic Design

Your brand is important, and a Graphic Designer’s job is to create a brand position within your marketplace. Professionals who are creative and passionate such as myself and other Graphic Designer’s are the secret weapon to helping you create an engaging brand. Graphic Design is more important than just pretty images, when done right it helps drive advertising, attracting consumer to brands. It’s for this reason alone Graphic Design proves to be an important part of our daily lives—from books to magazines, websites, newspapers, packaging and much more.

Solid Graphic Design gives your company an image, and an immediate visual connection. Great Graphic Design gives your brand value! The beauty of the Internet is that your brand can reach anywhere at anytime, this forces brands to search for eye-catching graphics. The ethos of strong Graphic Design is to stimulate a person’s desire to reach for a product, or connect to a service.

It’s easy to give in to temptation and try and re-appropriate images you find online, but this is a risky move. Businesses the put value into the design they produce are businesses which often succeed.

Graphic Design


Creating an organization or business is a difficult process, there are many cogs that have to be built and establish to ensure that image of the company is maintained and able to grow. Ensuring that a brand has a clear and distinct voice is imperative in being able to forge a relationship with your clientele. After working in brand development for years in numerous different industries I’ve learned that there are a few tried and tested methods that can always help build a brand…and then there’s the part in having to discover the intricate peculiarities that come with any industry.

Of course this isn’t a simple feat, in fact for many this can be one of the hardest aspects in the formation of a business. Discovering your key market can be a game of “hit and miss,” as you slowly work to understand what your business can distinctively offer its audience. Through various forms of research and analysis I’ll work to help establish an effective strategy to gaining a strong and supportive audience. It is my goal to help this process along through the creation of a consistent brand image across all your sites, channels, and promotional material.


Starting with delving into your targeted industry there’s a process of discovery that has to happen in order to establish what has already been effective, what is currently being used, and what can be done to set yourself apart from any competitors. With the strength and globalization of the Internet, competition is everywhere, this is why it’s vital to ensure that time has been invested so as to properly set yourself and your business apart from the rest.


Combing through websites, and performing searches across Google, Bing, and Yahoo isn’t enough, nor does the work stop there; effectively researching keywords and metadata will help give insight to metric data that often goes unlooked except by a select few. In a world where knowledge is power it’s a great tool to be able to find hard numbers to validate different trends. Once these metrics are realized there’s yet another step of interpreting the data—where some information is straight forward, other information requires a bit of deductive reasoning that often only comes from experience and previous trials. My experience has shown me effective models of branding in numerous industries thus allowing me a deep cache of knowledge to pull from.

Marketing Solutions

Metric and Analytics

Research Tools and Methods

  • The first place to start is often with your regional and local competitors.
  • Using all the main search engines to evaluate who ranks the highest, and how they may be able to receive such high standings. Is it through organic or paid methods?
  • Establishing whether or not there are key characteristics to your targeted location that can help increase your brand awareness.

Implementing the Findings to Build Your Business

  • Once you have a nice stack of information the fun can begin. After some discovery there should be an ability to know the relative demographics you’re hoping to go after first.
  • Setting up a marketing plan with your specific target in mind so as to begin building awareness through the best media channels.
  • Knowing what type of collateral speaks to your audience and begin a strong effort to start stockpiling content that can be enjoyed by your audience.
  • Knowing that your time and energy is being spent effectively and not trying to fire blindly into the abyss that is the internet.

Analytical Tools and Metric Interpretation

  • Online tools such as those found in the Google and Yahoo suites that help show Web Analytics will give you tangible proof on differing companies and their strategies.
  • Upon understanding the keywords and content that will be the most effective to your organization, monitoring yours and your competition will continue to indicate its effectiveness.
  • Paying attention to global trends and viral content that could effect your message means keeping up on your brand, and what your brand may be related to so you can be in charge of how your message is delivered.

Metric and Analytical Solutions

Photo and Video Services

Photo Services

Photography can definitely give your brand that extra “umpf” it’s looking for. Capturing quality images drastically improves the chances of your brand and content being shared, but how do you source your images? You can search online, however you have to be careful to not “steal” anyone else’s content. You can pay for images, but that can start weighing on the budget really quick. You can take them yourself, but unfortunately you camera phone isn’t the best… well look no further.

  • I can help you capture unique images to show off your business.
  • I can arrange, setup, and perform photoshoots of your product or business.
  • I have thousands of images available to use already, no need to worrying about messy licensing.

Video Services

Videos and Multimedia tend to be some of the most saved and shared content online. From those “Tasty” videos, to the next big GIF. But how do you make your own? You can watch hours and hours of YouTube videos, or you can contact me, and start making your own YouTube videos. From planning, filming, to editing, I can help you create content that is impactful, strong and captivating. Whether it’s a new product, or highlighting new features of your business I can definitely create you high quality material for multiple uses.

  • Help you from concept to completion, every step of the way.
  • Any style, and any format you may need, I can help you create for any channel!
  • Hundreds of hours of useable b-roll and stock video at your disposal.

Photo and Video Services

Public Relations

Public relations, or PR, is how you talk about your brand to the public – and therefore potential new customers – through the media and social influencers. And though it can seem daunting when you come across campaigns like a pop-up “cuddle cafe” designed to promote a biscuit, PR doesn’t have to be costly. A PR campaign can just as easily involve a few great emails to key reporters and a smart hashtag. Good PR drives brand awareness and sales. Successful PR makes your brand image even stronger. And the foundation of successful PR is – you guessed it – a strong brand. In the next pages, we’ll show you how to pitch your company; its mission and its products to reporters and bloggers who can help you grow your audience and connect with new customers.

Building a rapport with reporters can be a great (and free!) way to get your brand into widely read publications, both local and national, print and digital. Being featured in an article online gets around the challenges of paid-for marketing, like “banner blindness” and ad blockers. But before you fire off an email about how readers can benefit from your products, remember the basics of building good media connections.

Public Relations Solutions