Public Relations

Public relations, or PR, is how you talk about your brand to the public – and therefore potential new customers – through the media and social influencers. And though it can seem daunting when you come across campaigns like a pop-up “cuddle cafe” designed to promote a biscuit, PR doesn’t have to be costly. A PR campaign can just as easily involve a few great emails to key reporters and a smart hashtag. Good PR drives brand awareness and sales. Successful PR makes your brand image even stronger. And the foundation of successful PR is – you guessed it – a strong brand. In the next pages, we’ll show you how to pitch your company; its mission and its products to reporters and bloggers who can help you grow your audience and connect with new customers.

So your first question may be, how does Public Relations differ from Advertising? Advertising is all about purchasing an image or reputation, whereas PR is how you earn it. It’s about placing your brand in front of the right audience at the right time. Crafting messages that can connect with your audience and help illicit a response as oppose to sounding like another cookie cutter marketer. As far as contemporary PR, it focus is heavily placed on content creation and distribution.

Everyone wants compelling content, press, bloggers, analysts, journalists, everyone is looking for the next best story—PR is helping those professionals do their job while helping you build a positive reputation. Your best PR experts are spending there days creating drafts of articles, creating unique and quality content.

I’ll help you increase your Public Relation channels, and by proxy your brand’s reputation. I use numerous methods to accomplish success, the following are a glimpse of that work.



Personalizing Your Pitch

Personalize press releases and communications to appeal towards the target demographic. Whether it’s internal or external communications, these messages can be used in a powerful way when the end audience is taken into consideration.

Discover New Partnerships

Creating an outreach system for bloggers can appear overwhelming at first but it really comes down to finding the right bloggers to reach out to, and hot to personalize a message that not only appeals to them but will excite them as well.

Optimize Search Results with SEO

SEO is big, not only for your sites, but for your information that you’re publicly releasing. Knowing the right keywords isn’t just about sounding strong, but being able to touch on those golden phrases that also perform strong in searches.

Using That Data

Knowing your audiences will benefit your largely, especially when it comes to determining the right media channels, and the right marketing techniques that will help ensure your message is delivered effectively.

Leveraging Existing Contacts

Everyone knows “someone.” Ensuring that you are sharing your information with your own contacts is imperative in ensuring that your story and message get out to potential customers…after all if you’re already connected chances are their interested in what you have to offer.